2013-14 Council minutes

Sullivan BOCES School Library System Council/Liaison Meeting September 24, 2013

Attending –Melanie Schwartz, Livia Sabourin, Gayle Pulley, Lou Spataro, Lynn Miller, Peter Richter, Laurie Walker, Julie Serrano, Julia Levner, Jill Parks, Michelle Musetti and Jen Palmenteiro.

TLC issues - none

Administration Awards– None
Motion to accept the minutes of the May 15, 2013, council meeting made by Livia Sabourin, seconded by Jill Parks

Curriculum websites – None
Jen Palmenteiro spoke of the services provided by SENYLRC She provided the group with information and brochures on the Hudson River Valley Heritage Project. Lynn will coordinate training on SEAL.

The next SLMSSENY meeting is scheduled for October 8th. The Council will be hosting the 2015 SSL conference. The date and location are still to be determined. The Rip Van Winkle Awards Luncheon will be held at the FDR Presidential Library on May 17, 2014.

SSL News – 
The NYLA Conference will be held in Niagara Falls, New York, September 25-28th. Laurie Halse Anderson will receive the 2013 Empire State Award for Excellence in Literature for Young People. The 2014 NYLA-SSL Conference will be held in Syracuse, April 24-26th. Registration is online. Livia is leaving the NYLA/SSL board. Let her know if you would like to volunteer.

Election of council members – A motion made by Melanie Schwartz to approve the list of members, second by Gayle Pulley.

Annual Report – 
1. Tech Wednesday’s – Get the word out about what is available. 2. Reestablishment of the listserv will soon be available. 3. Change from last year – Lynn is working 4 days a week. Port Jervis pulled out of TLC and went back to Orange. There was a gap in the budget and Lynn’s hours were cut.

Melanie Schwartz moved to accept the annual report, seconded by Livia Sabourin.

CCD Coser – School orders need to be sent to Lynn by December 1st.

Advocacy – Barbara Stripling’s campaign entitled America’s Right to Libraries and has developed the, Declaration for the Right to Libraries. Libraries are hosting signing events to promote community awareness of the importance and value of libraries.

LSTA funding cuts are due in part to the sequester.

Books are available for the Mock Book Awards. Lynn is in contact with Randy on finalizing lists.

Motion to adjourn was made by Jill Parks and seconded by Michelle Musetti.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:00 am

Sullivan BOCES SLS Meeting Council/ Liaison December 4, 2013

Attending: Melanie Schwartz, Livia Sabourin, Lou Spataro, Lynn Miller, Laurie Walker, Julie Serrano, Julia Levner, Jill Parks, Michelle Musetti, Joy Tunno, Jeanne Fiedler, Allen Chen, Kim Landgraff

Administrative Awards: None

Motion to accept the minutes of September 24, 2013, council meeting made by Julia Levner, seconded by Livia Sabourin.

Curriculum websites--
Elementarylibrarian.com. Kim recommended this site for a year's worth of lesson plans, CCLS aligned, for the elementary librarian. Some free content, though most is for a fee. readworks.org--Michelle recommended this site for ELA lesson plans aligned with the Common Core.

shelfari widget--available at Amazon website. Livia recommends this as a way to create a bookshelf on your library website for featured titles.

Lynn reported that SENYLRC director, JohnShaloiko, recently hosted a discussion with academic, public, special, and school librarians regarding future consolidation of services and greater collaboration between regional libraries of all types in the Hudson Valley. Future fiscal restraints will require new ways of providing a continuation of library services across sectors in our region. The conversation will continue.

Livia attended the last meeting to help with conference planning for the NYLA-SSL conference to be hosted by SLMSSENY in 2015. There is plenty of opportunity to help out. If you are interested, contact Livia. The annual membership drive is underway. Gayle Pulley, our Sullivan County representative to SLMSSENY, is membership co-chair and recently sent a reminder email. Send your completed membership form and annual fee to Gayle.

Online registration for April's conference in Syracuse is open on conference website (cnysl.weebly.com). SSL is always looking for new volunteers. If interested, let Livia know and she'll point you in the right direction.

CCD Coser--
All submitted CCD wish lists were approved, motion made by Michelle and seconded by Jill.

Library Lobby Day--now scheduled prior to March 1st in hopes of getting legislative attention earlier on. There will be a bus from the Hudson Valley.

Shared Systems Forum--
Lynn attended a conference over the summer in Albany, hosted by the NYS Library, "An Uncommon Approach to the Common Core." Hudson Valley region library system directors are meeting to discuss bringing offering such a conference in our area, possibly next summer and targeting parents.

Tech Wednesdays--
Lynn's workshops have had low, though enthusiastic, enrollment. An outgrowth of one session was Lynn's being invited to present at the Liberty Elementary faculty meeting about our system's ebook collection.

Livia suggested we run the "duplicate borrowers" report to find students with more than one patron record in our system. (Public -circ- listings - borrowers -- duplicate borrowers)

Michelle made a motion to close the meeting and Melanie seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted--Jeanne Fiedler

SC BOCES School Library System Council/Liaison Meeting March 14, 2014

Council Meeting

IN ATTENDANCE: Allen Chen, Lynn Miller, Jill Parks, Michelle Musetti, Peter Richter, Laurie Walker, Julia Levner, Melanie Schwartz, Julie Serrano, Louis Spataro, Joy Tunno, Jeanne Fiedler, Livia Sabourin


Motion to accept the minutes of December 4, 2013 made by Livia, seconded by Joy.

• MobyMax, suggested by Joy, is a K-5 math/ELA games program aligned with the Common Core, for children to use to practice skills. It's being used at Rutherford with great success and can be purchased for aroud $500.00.

• Bookbub.com--a finding tool for free or inexpensive (less than $2.99) ebooks. Recommended by Jill. This sparked a discussion about our indiviual purchasing practices of ebooks which varies widely from district to district. Some have used the Gale Virtual Reference Libary as a repositiory for Gale ebooks, other use the Follett Shelf, others the Catalyst digital download.

SENYLRC--no news

Livia reported that planning for next year's statewide conference in Tarrytown in underway. There is still plenty of opportunity to get involved: registration, hospitality, workshop facilitator, books sales, etc. Contact Livia if interested. Also, there is still much award money available to members for professional, collection, or program development.

Low registration as of now . . . Livia encouraged us to visit the conference website for information or to register: cnysl.weebly.com. Also, a reminder that voting for ALA officers begins March 19th. The leadership conference is scheduled for Cornell, August 4-6, with scholarships available; the theme has to do with adapting/adopting the EngageNY research modules.

Most of the requested books have arrived and are being processed. Four schools have not yet submitted lists; Lynn hopes to complete all CCD transactions by May.

The group reviewed our current plan of service for 2011-2016. All agreed the Plan of Service is valid as written with the exception of two formatting changes which Lynn will make.

Liaison Meeting

Library Lobby Day was February 27, 2014. Lynn reported hopes are dim for increased library funding in Gov. Cuomo's budget. Advocacy activity through NYLA has been weak recently; Lynn urged everyone to log onto the NYLA website to contact local state officials in support of library funding.


In order to make her collection more accessible to students and teachers, Livia is adding the contents of her anthologies (poetry, speeches, short stories, etc.) to the 500 notes field. Lynn reminded the group that Kathy Sawall is still available through the SLS to this for any system library. Allen suggested typing up the "notes" notation, if lenghty, in Word for a spell-check, the copy/pasting into cataloging.


• Allen requested all districts send updated photo files from Lifetouch.

• We are working with TLC to enhance the catalog with locally-produced video book reviews. The "vidclips" are now reality but the catalog interface needs to be improved so that patrons can easily access the videos. Students featured in these video reviews must be covered under a BOCES photo consent form as well as one from the home district.

• A new version of the LS2 catalog will be released in April. This will include new system administration rights for local librarians to customize the "river" of featured books. More on this as information becomes available.


Meeting adjourned with a motion from Michelle and seconded by Julia.

Respectfully submitted, Jeanne Fiedler

Council Meeting Minutes Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Council Meeting
In attendance: Lynn Miller, Peter Richter, Louis Spataro, Michelle Musetti, Melanie Schwartz, Joy Tunno, Livia Sabourin, Michael Moss, Mary Margaret Green, Julia Levner, Julia Serrano, Jeanne Fiedler

Administrative Awards
Peter Richter nominated Kaiser Middle School principal, Nicole Horler, for her support of the library and library initiatives.

Motion to accept Minutes of last council meeting:
Motion by Joy, seconded by Peter Mary Margaret suggested that the minutes be sent to all council meetings following each meeting so that those not in attendance can stay "in the loop."

Curriculum Websites
cooltoolsforstchools.com--resources for all curricular areas, K-12. aurasma.com--a QR code generator to link library content to mobile devices. aasl tools--aals website studystack.com--teachers use this site to create flashcards and games to study for exams

The annual meeting is June 6th is at the FDR library. SENYLRC is discussing SEAL and its role in the region as an ILL delivery system. Lynn reported to them that we DO use it and have no other viable alternative to regional resource sharing at this time. Lynn is a member of OCLC (on behalf of the SLS), paying a $100.00 membership to cover fees, service, and shipping.

Livia reminded the group of the upcoming brunch with illustrator Ed Young speaking. It will be held on the FDR library grounds with 30 people expected to attend. SLMSSENY is looking for new board members who can get involved at a variety of levels. Livia is ready to step down as our Sullivan County rep. but has agreed to stay on if no one else steps forward; she asked each of us to consider acting as county rep as she is very involved in other professional activities (hospitality chair for the SSL conference, for example) and would like a break. The primary role of the county representative is to share and relay news.

Conference was in April and good. Livia reported visiting a Fayetteville Public Library with innovative "Maker Spaces" for hands-on learning activities. Susan Polos is the incoming SSL president. SLMSSENY will soon be asking for workshop proposals and conference volunteers for next year's conference to be held in Tarrytown.

The upcoming year's budget will be more or less the same as this year's. Lynn does expect to carry forward a total of about $12,000 which we will use for training and programming. Still no news as to what Lynn's employment status will be next year (100%? 80%?). Looks like Allen may be only 60-80% SLS with the remaining portion of his job shared in with the tech dept.

Liasion Business
FALL INTO BOOKS--The annual conference is scheduled for October 17th. Patricia Reilly Giff is the featured and Mark Siegel is the keynote.

About 40 children from around the county participated in a Battle of the Books competition at the Daniel Pierce Library, the first countywide collaboration between the public and school libraries. Interest is high for continued collaboration with this competition next year.

Lynn reported low participation this year in Tech Tuesdays. She is thinking about bringing this PD opportunity to the schools next year, allowing easy access to inservice training on a given day, by appointment. Those present felt this would be worthwhile pursuing.

Nothing is yet planned for the summer, though Lynn is in discussion with Orange-Ulster BOCES. Livia suggested seeing if Paige Jaeger might be available.

Lynn distributed a list of the SLS holdings of the anchor texts as outlined by ENGAGE NY. There are multiple copies of the print edition as well as eBook access through the SLS Follett Shelf.

Julia brought a glitch to the attention of TLC which they promise to rectify with the next version, due out this summer.

Meeting adjourned with Livia making the motion and Julia Levner seconding.

Respectfully submitted, Jeanne Fiedler

Sullivan BOCES SLS Council Meeting Minutes September 30, 2014

Council Business
Introduction of members present: Jennifer Palmenteiro, Roger Silverblatt, Allen Chen, Lynn Miller, Melanie Schwartz, Louis Spataro, Joy Tunno, Laurie Walker, Michael Moss, Julia Levner, Jeanne Fiedler, Julie Serrano

Administrative Awards
Jill Parks nominated Liberty Middle/High School Principal, Jack Strassman, for instituting D.E.A.R. for 20 minutes at the start of every day. Her circulation has increased dramatically!

Review of Minutes from May 14, 2014:
Accepted with corrections on a motion by Livia, seconded by Louis.

Curriculum Websites
photogrammar.yale.edu: U.S. historical photographs searchable by state counties. Humans of New York: a photojournalism project of "common man" photos and interviews of people around the world. Highlights the common human experience . . . similarities and differences.

Jennifer Palmentiero overviewed the HRVH (Hudson River Valley Heritage) project and its website, containing a rich collection of primary source material (letters, art, maps, photos, papers, etc.) contributed by its 56 members agencies. Lots of resources for educators! Other related primary source projects are the HRVH Historical Newspaper archives, the New York Heritage website, and the national Digital Public Library of America. She reminded us of SENYLRC's providing member libraries Medline Plus, a database for professionals as well as the general public on health and medical topics.

Livia, as our county representative, reported on planning for the upcoming SSL (Section of School Librarians, a division of New York Library Association) conference. This will be held in Tarrytown April 30, May 1 & 2, 2015. Our local chapter is taking leadership in planning and facilitation of this conference. She called for volunteers needed for jobs large and small. Another upcoming event is the Margarita Mixer following the Fall Into Books Conference October 17th, in Fishkill. Livia reminded colleagues to renew their SLMSSENY membership and distributed membership forms.

Livia reported advocacy priorities include full funding of libraries (to ensure, among other things, that our NOVEL database availability continues) and that elementary librarians become mandatory statewide.

Election of Members
On a motion by Jill, seconded by Melanie, the following members were elected to the Sullivan BOCES Council: Michelle Musetti, Michael Moss, Sara Space, Livia Sabourin, and Roger Silverblatt.

Annual Report
Lynn provided the SLS evaluation and annual report summaries which were reviewed. Livia made a motion to accept the reports, seconded by Joy.

CCD Coser
Our lengthy discussion about cooperative collection development centered around implementing ebooks through Overdrive. We now have a countywide account which will go "live" at end of October with starter collection of approximately 300 books for grades K-adult (print list of titles provided). In addition to this collection, collaborating districts may choose to participate by curating their own collections called "advantage accounts" to whatever degree they wish. All this will be managed through our SLS.

Liaison Business
As reported by Livia and Lynn, NYLA is working on its legislative priority list for the coming budget cycle. Full library funding is at the top.

Oct. 10th Countywide Conference Day Lynn is sponsoring two workshops, one on TLC cataloging and the other, Beyond the Textbook: Using primary sources (a great opportunity for librarians to partner with classroom teachers).

Mock Book Awards--January 22 (23 Snow date), 2015 Orange/Ulster BOCES will be the location, Goshen campus. Titles TBA. Stay tuned.

School Sharing
Jeanne talked about the RCLS Battle of the Books competitions held in April and September. Plans are underway for the upcoming competitive season. Sullivan County Public librarians are looking to partner with school librarians. A planning meeting is scheduled for December 9th; anyone interested in participating should contact Jeanne who will forward your name to Peggy Johansen of Livingston Manor Public Library who coordinates the SC Battle.

TLC Issues
Members raised issues regarding the SLOW speed of circ. TLC is trying to complete the server rebuild following a "catastrophic event" Wednesday, September 24th. Webcirc seems to be working much better than terminal server but it still slow. On another computer note, Lynn is trying to standardize our log-ins for all databases; this is in the works.

Meeting was closed by a motion from Julia, seconded by Melanie.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Fiedler