Reviews for Paris

by Paris Hilton

Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

One of the world’s most recognizable personalities delivers a memoir with surprising depth and purpose. In her debut book, Hilton, with the assistance of a ghostwriter, presents a tender and triumphant account of her life so far. The author is furiously candid about multiple instances of sexual abuse she suffered as an adolescent. Like many survivors, she took refuge in her menagerie of pets. Had things gone differently, she might have been able to finish school and become the veterinarian she dreamed of becoming. However, because her parents thought she was partying too much in high school, they sent her to multiple facilities for so-called “troubled teens,” brutal institutions where occupants were subject to cavity searches, beatings, and solitary confinement. Reading like a prison-break movie, the text chronicles multiple escape attempts, each ending in failure. Breaking up the heartbreak are the author’s asides about her ADHD. Though she still suffers from PTSD, the author has become an advocate for shutting down facilities like the ones in which she suffered. She also points out that society is beginning to acknowledge the media’s relentlessly exploitative treatment of famous teenagers, especially young women. Hilton cites examples of her own as well as those of longtime friend Britney Spears. Perhaps the most impressive thing about this memoir is the gracious and compassionate eye with which Hilton views her past. Unlike many other similar stories, there is no tone of self-pity or martyrdom. Hilton has always been acutely aware of the agreement between celebrities and their fans, between the photographed and the photographers. She signed up to play the fame game and is determined to win, an attitude reflected in this inspiring and empowering book. Like the author, it is far more than its glossy exterior. Delivering a master class in owning your story, Hilton shows how to live with purpose, compassion, and beauty. Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.