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On the Calendar:  Saturday, 4/26/2014 10:00 AM
Junior Teen Book Club: The Ravenmaster's Secret by Elvira Woodruff. Forrest Harper lives with his family at the Tower of London, where he helps his father tend the ravens and guard the prisoners. He becomes friends with a prisoner. Will he allow his innocent friend to be executed or commit treason by helping in an escape. Come to the library to sign up and pick up the book. Calendar

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 Newest on Learning Express 3.0

Learning Express 3.0 is up and running on our website. The old 2.0 link will be active until June 30, 2014. The official GED test is changing on January 2,2014. Please complete all Learning Express Library GED Test Prep Center work prior to this date. Current GED test scores will expire in 2013--they will not carry forward. You will ONLY be able to take the new test on a computer. There will be no paper and pencil version of the test.

Coming in January 2014:  High School Equivalency Center and additional high school equivalency exams, the HiSET, and the TASC,

and Spanish GED test prep.



E-Book Information

Neibors Audiobooks & e-Books!

New titles in April include these authors:

Wanda Brunstetter, Earlene Fowler, Terri Blackstock, Fern Michaels, Amanda Flower, Sherryl Woods, Debbie Macomber, Susan Mallery, Anne McCaffrey, G.A. McKevett, Mary Jane Clark, Julia Spencer-Fleming, Patrick Taylor, Mary Kay Andrews, and more.

Link to Neibors can be found on the Online Resources page.






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