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On the calendar:  Wednesday, 7/15/2015 5:00 PM
Rescheduled Trustee Board Meeting: Board meeting moved from Wed July 8 to the 15th. Calendar

Library News

Summer Reading Program

Monday June 8--Undercover Agents

Monday June 15--Real Life Kid Heroes

Monday June 22--Community Heroes

Monday June 29--Ninjas

Monday July 13--Superheroes

Monday July 20--Animal Heroes



E-Book Information


Designed to encourage children & teens to keep reading all year long. The following titles will be added to the eReading Room with unlimited access between June 9 and July 9. Children:  Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky in the KidsCollection eReading Room & Youth eReading Room. Teens:  The Fat Boy Chronicles in the TeensCollection eReading Room & shared Youth eReading Room.

Remember you can download

eBooks & audiobooks

to your portable devices too,

including tablets and smartphones.

If you have any troubles,

come into the library

and we will help you solve your tech issues.

Link to NEIBORS can be found on the Online Resources page.





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