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On the Calendar:  Friday, 3/6/2015 10:00 AM
Adult Book Club: Reading Amish Grace How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy by Donald Kraybill. Pick up a copy to borrow at the library. Calendar

Library News

Happy New Year

from the Kanawha Public Library.

Come in and take a trip down memory lane

with our new Kanawha section

featuring vintage newspaper clippings

and Kanawha Reporter copies.

Adult Book Club

Friday, March 6

10 am

Amish Grace

Young Adult Book Club

Grades 7-12

Saturday, March 7

10 am

The Book Thief



E-Book Information

January Additions include:

Insatiable Appetites-Woods

Girl on a Train-Hawkins

Second Star to the Right-Monroe

Amnesia: a Novel-Carey

Private Vegas-Patterson

Under the Knife-Gerritsen

Before I Go-Oakley

West of Sunset-O'Nan

Remember you can download

eBooks & audiobooks

to your portable devices,

including tablets and smartphones.

If you have any troubles,

come into the library

and we will help you solve your tech issues.

Link to NEIBORS can be found on the Online Resources page.






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