RCPL Fresh Start

RCPL Operation Fresh Start

The Robertson County Public Library is now conducting an Operation Fresh Start campaign.
This opportunity is to encourage library customers with large amounts of unpaid overdue fees
   to get their account in good standing and enjoy all the great materials we have available.

Pay $5.00 to restore your account to a good standing status

Beginning March 1, 2020 ~ ALL RCPL cardholders with a $5.00 or more overdue fine on their account will no longer be able to check out items from the library.

• Bring your library account into good standing status by paying the $5.00 Fresh Start fee

                                     • After March 1, full charges will be accessed for all items returned late and your account will be blocked from further check-outs

                                        • This project has been made necessary by large amounts of people abusing the borrowing period guidelines.  When materials are not returned on a timely basis, it is not fair to other customers waiting to borrow that item

Operation Fresh Start is only available to library cardholders that do not owe for lost items,
non-returned items and account holders without a banned status.

Operation Fresh Start is a great opportunity for New Beginnings!
For more info call today: 606-724-5746 or 606-724-2015