Gift Policy


The library acknowledges the great importance of gifts and donations to the Library’s future growth and development. These gifts help enrich and improve the Library’s resources.

The library accepts gifts with the understanding they will be added to the library collection only if needed for library purposes and if they comply with library policies, goals, objective and mission as well as enhances the value of the library’s collection. It is the policy of the library not to accept special collections of books or other items whose donor stipulates they be kept together as a separate physical entity.

The donor of any gift should understand that the library reserves the right to dispose of gifts if they are not acceptable or are no longer needed.

Except for temporary exhibit purposes, the library cannot accept storage responsibility for books or other items owned by groups or individuals.

Offers of gifts of special collections of library material and/or furniture, etc. shall be referred to the Library Board of Trustees for consideration.

Reviewed and approved by Library Board 3/21/94
Reviewed by Library Board 1/18/99; 12/4/04
Reviewed & revised by Library Board 5/16/05
Reviewed by Library Board August 17, 2009, Dec. 17, 2012, Feb. 15, 2019, April 15, 2019
Reviewed and revised by Library Board February 2024