Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a library card?
There is no charge associated with getting a library card.

How do I get a library card?
In order to apply for and receive a card, all individuals must provide a photo ID and current address verification. Acceptable forms of identification include: Driver’s license, State/Federal-issued ID card or School ID card. In the event that the current address is different than that on the ID, acceptable forms of address verification include: checkbook, current utility bill, bank statement. For more information, see the library card policy.

What if I need a replacement card?
A charge of $1.00 will be made for replacement of a lost card.

May children have library cards?
Yes! Children may have library cards. A parent or legal guardian must accompany the child (up to age 14) to sign the application, provide current address verification and identification. The parent or legal guardian understands hey are to supervise the child’s use of the library materials and will ultimately be responsible for the materials checked out on the card. Children 8 years or younger must be accompanied by an adult or responsible caregiver. For more information, see the unattended child policy.

What is the loan period for my checked out items?
Books & Audiobooks have a loan period of 3 weeks. If returned overdue, a fine of $.10 per item per day overdue is applied.
Magazines have a loan period of 1 week. If returned overdue, a fine of $.10 per item per day overdue is applied.
DVD’s have a loan period of 2 days. If returned overdue, a fine of $1.00 per item per day overdue is applied. For more infomation, see the overdue material policy. 

Where can I drop off my returned books?
Items may be returned inside the building in the book returned located near the circulation desk. You may also return items at any time in the book drop located on the back side of the building.

What if I am not done with my checked out items?
Items may be renewed for an additional loan period (DVDs once, books and magazines twice). This is only if no patrons have requested a hold on the item.

What is Inter-Library Loan?
In the event our library does not carry an item, patrons may request that we borrow an item from another library. The due date is set by the lending library and can only be changed with special permission. Our library charges $1.50 for each item requested.

How will my privacy be protected?
The library and its staff respects the privacy of its users. Library records are treated in accordance with the US Constitution, Iowa Code and professional ethics. For more information, see the c
onfidentially policy.