Natural Causes
by Barbara Ehrenreich
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Book list Americans are obsessed with their bodies. Too thin? Too fat? Does that mole look weird? Bombarded with advertisements for bodily functions that once were rarely discussed outside the physician's office, Americans have become consumers of vast amounts of medical information that engenders a false sense of competency, turning us into fierce advocates for commandeering our bodies and controlling our destiny. But is such a thing possible? Award-winning and best-selling writer and dedicated activist Ehrenreich (Living with a Wild God, 2014) looks at both sides of this conundrum, from the lifestyle adjustments promoted by a burgeoning wellness industry to the immutable facts of biology at the cellular level that propels the human body to either combat or embrace the aging process. Ehrenreich, who holds a PhD in cellular immunology, offers a healthy dose of reformist philosophy combined with her trademark investigative journalism. In assessing our quest for a longer, healthier life, Ehrenreich provides a contemplative vision of an active, engaged health care that goes far beyond the physical restraints of the body and into the realm of metaphysical possibilities.--Haggas, Carol Copyright 2018 Booklist

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Library Journal With her trademark take-no-prisoners prose, Ehrenreich (Nickel and Dimed) argues that a desperation to control our fates leads us to cling to ritualized medical procedures, dietary fads, and gym exercises...More