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Downloadable eAudiobooks are BACK!!


Attention Mac Users: There is a version of Media Manager now available for the Mac. See the Oneclickdigital website.


The following instructions will help you set up an account for downloadable eAudiobooks and begin using the collection with your portable listening device.


1.     1. Click the tab marked “audiobooks” on the upper right of this page (next to the “contact us” tab).


2.     2. This will take you to a screen that will ask for your patron number and PIN number. These numbers can be obtained from the library staff. Please enter these numbers in the boxes and click “submit request”.


3      3. You will be taken to a screen with Pioneer Memorial Library Online Resources. Click on the “One Click digital” button. This will open a new window at the OneClickdigital website.


4.    4. If you have previously created an account to download audio books click on login (upper right of page) and sign in using your login and password established before. After signing in click on “Learn more about OneClickdigital Media Manager”.  On the next screen that appears click on the Download OneClickdigital Media Manager button.  Go to step 6 now.


5.    5. If you are accessing this service for the first time you will have to create a new account. Click on the “Create New Account” link on the upper right of the page. Please fill in the required information and click “Create an Account”. You will be taken to the Download One Click Digital Media Manager page. 


6.    6. You may get a message near the top of the window from Internet Explorer saying the download has been blocked for security reasons. If so, click the message and choose the download file option. The software will begin installation. You will get two pop-up messages asking if you want to “run or save this file”. Choose run for each message. Follow the prompts to finish installing the software. After installation the One Click Digital Media Manager program will start. Enter your Username and Password created earlier. Press login. You are now logged into OneClickDigital Media Manager. From here you can click Browse Website to go the OneClickDigital web site and start downloading audio books.


7.    7. If you click “Help” in the OneClickDigital Media Manager you will be taken to the help tabs at the web site. Here you will find tutorial videos, FAQs, a user tutorial, and information about the devices that can be used with OneClickDigital Media Manager.

The Future Of The Mind
by Michio Kaku
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Publishers Weekly In this expansive, illuminating journey through the mind, theoretical physicist Kaku (Physics of the Future) explores fantastical realms of science fiction that may soon become our reality. His futurist framework merges physics with neuroscience to model how our brains construct the future, and is loosely applied to demonstrations that "show proof-of-principle" in accomplishing what was previously fictional: that minds can be read, memories can be digitally stored, and intelligences can be improved to great extents. The discussion, while heavily scientific, is engaging, clear, and replete with cinematic references. Kaku's claims, however, often lack generalizability: his points about human thought are derived from research studies and patterns that emerge from discrete areas of analysis under highly sophisticated technological surveillance. The place of these esoteric conclusions in the nuanced processes of our daily life is rarely explained. Likewise, each issue raised, while fascinating, is equally fleeting: topics skip from telepathy helmets to cell phone MRIs in just over a page. Legal and ethical complications, too, arise with each predicted advance, though aren't given the attention they demand. These new mental frontiers make for captivating reading, yet Kaku's optimism and enthusiasm provides cover for what are mostly overhyped claims. Agent: Stuart Krichevsky. (Feb.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

(c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserv...More