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  • You can browse our OverDrive collection of ebooks and audiobooks on  your computer or download the classic OverDrive app. We have thousands of titles from which to choose and since the items will automatically be returned there is never a late fee!
  • The classic OverDrive app is recommended if using an older device, a Fire tablet, or if using of a screen reader.
  • Ebooks can be sent to your Kindle or Kindle reading app. Click here to learn how.
  • Available on iOs, Android, Chromebooks, Kindle Fire, and laptop/desktop computers.
  • Need help? Visit our full OverDrive Help site.

No library card? No problem! Get an Instant Digital Card from OverDrive and Libby:


Get an instant digital card from OverDrive and LIbby and start checking out ebooks now - even if you don't have a library card

How to decide between OverDrive and Libby

It can be tough to decide which app to use, below are some of the differences and similarities between the apps we hope this helps you make a decision.

How they are similar

    Both are apps that access the Putnam County Library System's digital collection of eBooks and audiobooks (yes, they access the same collection).
    Both are designed for enjoying eBooks and audiobooks on your iOS and Android mobile devices.
    Both allow you to place holds on items and view your place in line.
    Both require a Putnam County Library System card number to login.

How they are different:


  • OverDrive is considered the “classic” app for use on your iOS and Android mobile devices, it is also the app to use on Macs, Kindle Fire, Kindle eReader and PCs.
  • It is compatible with screen readers.
  • You’ll get recommendations books for purchase.
  • It offers a Wish List feature.
  • If you’re concerned about excluding mature content in your digital reading app, stick with the OverDrive app.
  • You can download the free app or access your eBook or audiobook from the website.


  • An app that simplifies the borrowing process.
  • Use Libby on your iOS and Android mobile devices (Kindle Fire compatibility is coming soon).
  • Not yet compatible with screen readers.
  • Uses tags to help you organize titles you’ve read, want to read, loved or didn’t like.
  • Offers eBook highlighting and annotations.
  • Can’t be accessed from a website, use requires downloading of the free app.

Have more questions?

Get help with OverDrive

Get help with Libby

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We also have Biblioboard Library where you can discover local content from self-published Florida authors. All content in Biblioboard Library is available with unlimited access. Never experience a hold, late fee, checkout limit, or lending limit. Just visit https://library.biblioboard.com/home or download the Biblioboard Library app on your smart device. No need to log in with your library card if you're in Putnam County and have geo-location enabled on your device. Plus, with Pressbooks and the Indie Author Project, it's easier than ever for local authors to make their independently- or self-published books available to their community through their local libraries. And it's all free!

If you'd like more information about how you can get started as a self-published author on the platform, visit our Local Author page.