Page Turner Adventures

This virtual Summer Reading Program content is made possible by NEFLIN (Northeast Florida Library Information Network), a multi-type library cooperative serving member libraries throughout the region. For more information about Page Turner Adventures or to watch the daily vidoes, please visit our Facebook page.

When you read, every day is an adventure - Page Turner Adventures

Week One: Fairy Tales!

Other Week One Videos:

  1. Paper Bag Gingerbread Houses:
  2. Little Red Riding Hood's No Bake Cookies:
  3. Interview with author Chris Graberstein:
  4. Interview with Author Lucia Gonzalez:
  5. The Bossy Gallito read by the author Lucia Gonzalez:
  6. Fairytale Madlibs:
  7. Guest Performer Secret Agent 23 Skidoo:

Week One Downloads/Printables:

Week Two: Space!

Other Week Two Videos:

  1. Pie in the Sky Dreams:
  2. Craft Alien Puppet:
  3. Craft Alien Frisbee:
  4. Author Lori Haskins Houran:
  5. Illustrator Priscilla Alpaugh:
  6. BONUS LORI HASKINS HOURAN reads Space Mice:
  7. Tween Craft Fizz Ball Planet:
  8. Craft Space Case Computer Bag:
  9. BONUS Emission Impossible:
  10. Janet's Planet:

Week Two Downloads/Printables:

Week Three: STEAM

Other Week Three Videos:

  1. Show Day - STEAM Show:
  2. Younger Kid’s Craft - Thaumatropes:
  3. Older Kid’s Craft - Balloon Rockets:
  4. Author Interview - JJ and Chris Grabenstein:
  5. Author Interview - Teresa Robeson:
  6. Tween Craft – Phenakistoscope:
  7. Tween Craft - Solar Oven:
  8. Friday Guest Performer - Magician & Rockin’ Eco Hero Steve Trash:

Week Three Downloads/Printables:

Week Four: Adventure

Other Week Four Videos:

  1. Information Jones Purple Wish Lion:
  2. Information Jones Bonus Video:
  3. Pirate School:
  4. Paper Plate Wish Lions Craft:
  5. Paper Tube Binoculars Craft:
  6. Author Donna Gephart Interview:
  7. Author Donna Gephart Reading:
  8. Bonus Donna Gephart Trailer:
  9. Author Kelly Milner Halls:
  10. Bonus Illustrator Esther van den Berg:
  11. Easter Island Heads Tween Craft:
  12. Tanabata Stars Tween Craft:
  13. Guest Performer Adventure Sandwich:

Week Four Downloads/Printables:

Week Five: Music and Art

Other Week Five Videos:

  1. Show Day Video:
  2. Clapping Sticks Craft Video:
  3. Paper Cup Drums Video:
  4. Author Day - Sherri Winston:
  5. EZ Tie Dye Craft Video:
  6. Book Bats Craft Video:
  7. Guest Performer Day - Miles Hoyt:

Week Five Downloads/Printables:

Week Six: Cooking

Other Week Six Videos:

  1. The Great Pizza Contest:
  2. BONUS VIDEO: World Read Aloud Day Pizza Book:
  3. Kids Craft Paper Plate Pizza:
  4. Kids Craft Cup Pies (Cuppies):
  5. Kids Craft Fruit Pizza:
  6. Author Interview Margaret Dilloway:
  7. Tween Activity Tortilla Pizza:
  8. Tween Activity Granola Pinwheels:
  9. Tween Activity Pencil Mustache:
  10. Cooking Special Guest Noodle Station (How to Make Ramen Noodles):

Week Six Downloads/Printables:

Week Seven: Water

Other Week Seven Videos:

  1. Jump Into Water Safety:
  2. Kid Craft Bubble Art:
  3. Craft: Sandpaper Art:
  4. Author Shutta Crum:
  5. Author Janeen Mason:
  6. How to Choose a Good Book, Shutta Crum:
  7. Tween Craft: HydroDipping:
  8. Tween Craft: Rainstick:
  9. Burl the Bubble Guy:

Week Seven Downloads/Printables: