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Two London women accidentally switch bags at the gym and end up walking in one another’s shoes—literally. Sam Kemp is struggling—between her demanding jerk of a boss, her pushy parents, and her husband’s untreated depression, she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. When she accidentally grabs the wrong bag at the gym as she rushes out to a meeting, she’s initially dismayed to find the bag contains a towering, strappy pair of Christian Louboutin heels instead of her usual sensible footwear. But when she’s forced to wear the shoes into her meetings, she discovers something—they give her confidence and power she’s never had before. Emboldened, she doesn’t rush back to the gym to return them. That’s unfortunate for Nisha Cantor, whose gym bag Sam accidentally stole. Nisha just got cut off by her ultrarich, controlling husband—now ex-husband. He won’t return her calls, he shuts her out of their penthouse, and he closes her credit cards, essentially leaving her with nothing. Out of options and money, Nisha finds herself working as a cleaner at the building where she once lived, hoping to sneak into her husband’s penthouse and get some of her things. But Nisha is also desperate to get those shoes back, and she’ll stop at nothing to find them. Meanwhile, Sam is dealing with her own problems, mainly feeling alone as she attempts to keep her family afloat while her husband’s illness worsens. When Nisha and Sam finally meet, the two of them realize they might actually be able to work together to fix both their lives. Nisha and Sam both have satisfying arcs as characters who start out being difficult to like—Nisha because she’s a snob and Sam because she’s a pushover—but become better, stronger people because of their friendship. Moyes is also brilliant at creating fully formed, charmingly funny side characters, like Nisha’s co-worker Jasmine and Sam’s friend Andrea. Ultimately, the story is about the importance of women from all walks of life supporting and looking out for one another. A compelling, full-of-heart novel about the power of female friendship. Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

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