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Census - United States - 1790-1930

FIND ancestors in the complete set of U.S. Federal Census images from 1790-1930, including name indexes for many years;

FIND information on people and places described in over 25,000 family and local histories;

FIND information about people and places from PERSI of over 2.1 million genealogy and local history articles;

SEARCH selected records from the Revolutionary War Era Pension & Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files;

SEARCH for individuals in Freedman's Bank (1865-1874) which was founded to serve African Americans;

SEARCH the Memorials, Petitions, and Private Relief Actions of the U.S. Congress.

United States census information is available through Heritage Quest Online, part of TexShare databases.  This service requires a TexShare ID and Password. To obtain the TexShare ID and Password, you will need to be registered with the Robert J. Kleberg Public Library and have a current valid library card.

When you click on the Heritage Quest Online link below, the Texas State Library Page will appear.  Click on TexShare Databases link. The TexShare Login page will appear. Enter the TexShare ID and Password.  Scroll to the History and Genealogy sub-heading.  Click on the Heritage Quest Online icon and search the census database information.

PLEASE NOTE:  The ID and Password to access the Texshare databases are intended for use by registered Robert J. Kleberg Public Library cardholders. Please do not share ID and Password with non-registered users. Unauthorized use constitutes a violation of licensing agreements with the database vendors and their providers. For more information, please call the library during regular business hours.


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