Journal (see also: Periodical publication, Serials) A publication containing articles issued at regular intervals. In libraries and academia, journal usually refers to publications that report on scientific or scholarly research. Journal articles are generally subjected to a peer review before being accepted for publication. Keyword (see also: Descriptors, Subject headings) A word used to search electronic information resources including the Internet, library catalogs and subscription databases. Keyword searches will only produce results that include exact matches to the word used to search. Such searches will not locate documents or sites where alternative terms were used. Librarian One who has earned a masters degree in Library Science. A librarian’s duties can include selection of library material, cataloging, reference service, and library instruction. Magazine A publication containing articles issued at regular intervals. Magazines are generally written for general and popular audiences. They often contain advertising and can be purchased individually or by subscription. Microfiche, Microfilm, Microform Microforms contain copies of documents that have been reduced to a size which requires use of an enlarging machine to read. Microforms may be in the form of microfiche, a flat card with the reduced images arranged in rows, or of microfilm, where the documents are arranged one after another on a roll. Newspaper A publication containing current news, editorials, feature articles and, usually, advertising. Newspapers are usually published daily or weekly. OCLC Originally Ohio College Libraries Consortium, now Online Computer Library Center, a worldwide library cooperative. OCLC products and services include the WorldCat database and Interlibrary and library cataloging services. OPAC or Online Public Access Catalog (see: Catalog) Plagiarism Copying or using the work of another without proper acknowledgement. The failure to cite quotations or borrowed ideas, the failure to use quotations marks when repeating another’s work, and the failure to put summaries and paraphrases in your own words are plagiarism. Peer reviewed journal (see: Journal) Periodical publication (see also: Magazine, Journal, Newspaper, Serials) A regularly published magazine, journal, newspaper, or newsletter. Precision The ratio of relevant or useful items retrieved in a database or Internet search to the total number of items retrieved. Primary source (see also: Secondary source) An original manuscript, document or information source such as a diary, eyewitness account, etc. Professional journal (see: Journal) Public Domain (see also: Copyright) Creative work no longer protected by copyright is considered in the Public Domain.
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