Query A question. A request for data from a database Refereed publication (see: Journal) Reference collection or service A library collection that contains encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks or other material that are useful for specific information or facts. A reference desk or service provides help to library users. Reprint A copy of an article. May be a photo copy of the article from the original publication or may be a special printing of the article. Reserve collection A library service where instructors may place library or personal material in a special location with restricted acess. Scholarly journal (see: Journal) Search engine A software program/service that allows users to search for material on the Internet/World Wide Web. Popular search engines include Google, AltaVista, and Yahoo. Methods of searching and the Internet sites searched vary among search engines. The search function within a database may also be called a search engine. Search statement A phrase or combination of works used to search an electronic database, the Internet or library catalog. May be composed of keywords, descriptors, names or titles. Secondary source (see also: Primary source) Books or other works created using primary source material. Serials (see also: periodicals) A publication appearing at intervals such as newspaper, magazines, journals, proceedings of organizations, and numbered monographs. Study room/group study room A room within a library where individuals or a group may study or work together in private. Style manual A set of rules governing the format and arrangement of works published by a particular entity or within an academic discipline. The Modern Language Association (MLA) style is required within the field of literature while the American Psychology Association (APA) style is used within the Social Sciences. Subject heading (see also: descriptors) A standard word or phrase assigned by catalog librarian to describe the subject content of an information resource. Multiple subject headings may be assigned to a given work to adequately represent the work. The Library of Congress Subject Headings are the standard authority in the United States. Subscription database An electronic database that is only available to paid subscribers. Synonym A word or phrase that has the same or nearly the same meaning as another word or phrase.
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