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Putnam County Seed Library

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Recently the library system has added a wonderful new collection: The PCLS Seeds of Promise Seed Library.

Informal seed libraries have been around for long time. Community seed exchanges have taken place throughout history. As a children we were told the story of the native people sharing their corn seed with the Pilgrims.

The seed library encourages everyone to take part. Whether you are growing just for your family or are willing to grow a row or two for your community. You are important to this project. The library will be here to help you along the way. We have books, DVDs, and online resources to make your growing experience successful.

There is nothing more rewarding than to watch your seeds emerge from the soil, grow into a plant, and produce something wonderful! You can’t beat the taste of homegrown.

Currently the seed library is small and housed in the Melrose Public Library. But, library patrons in any branch can request seeds from the library. We will send the seeds to your branch to be picked up. When your harvest is complete and your seeds have been saved, please share some of your saved seeds with the library. You can put the seeds in an envelope from the library, fill out the outside of the envelope and return them to your library branch. The staff will return the seeds to Melrose branch and our staff and volunteers will prepare the seeds for distribution. Please remember to give the library your name and contact number in case we have a question about the seed.

Because we are just getting started, we ask that you request only 2-5 seed varieties at this time. As the library grows, we hope to be able to offer more seeds in the future. Fall garden seeds will be available in September.

Don’t forget to get your gardening books, DVDs and other supplies now. If you are getting started in gardening, you will be happy to know that the seeds are labeled easy, super easy, and advanced. You can ask for seed that is easy to grow. We also label each packet if it is a spring or fall garden plant. We offer, vegetables, fruit, herbs and flower seeds.

We will be online with seed ideas and how to save seed in the near future. Can we count you in? Will you be part of the great experiment to grow our community stronger? For more information about the PCLS Seeds of Promise Seed Library contact Sheree at or call 352 475-1237 during library hours.