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Wi-Fi Web Printing Policy

The Robert J. Kleberg Public Library offers wireless Web Printing to patrons using either a wireless laptop computer or device. All wireless users are subject to the library's [ Public Internet Access ] and [ Wireless Internet Access ] policies.

Wi-Fi Internet access is available within the library's building radius. Signal strength is dependent upon a  variety of factors, and you may need to try a couple of locations to get an optimal signal. Once your wireless device is turned on and detects a signal, it will indicate the wireless networks that are available. We strongly recommend that all users take measures to ensure the security of their Internet connections. Not all Wi-Fi networks are secure. The library offers both secure and unsecure wirless connections. Our regular network ID is: kleberglibrary. Our secure ID is: kleberglibrary-secure.  Patrons can obtain the password atthe Circulation Desk during regular business hours. It is the User's responsibility to adopt security measures that are best suited to their site.

Please remember the User Name you entered for your 'print job' as you will have to give that name to the attending librarian at the Circulation Desk in order to release the print job. All print data requests submittedthrough the library's Web printing provider (TBS: Today's Business Solutions, Inc.) are transferred and encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) communications. Print jobs will be available at the Circulation Desk.

Wireless printing is available for a nominal fee. Letter or legal size pages are available for nominal fee. Copies will print either in black & white or color as displayed on the screen. Payment must be made at the Circulation Desk. All print jobs not released or paid for will be deleted at the end of the next businessday. NOTE: Wi-Fi Printer Hours: Tue-Fri 8:15 am to 5:45 pm and Sat 9:15 am to 12:45 pm.

Patrons are able to print virtually any document or web page from their Internet-connected PC using the library's printers. There are no print driversor other software to install. To access this service, click on the Wi-Fi Printing Access logo located on bottom of page. To print, follow the on-screen instructions.

Any restriction or monitoring of a minor's access to the Wi-Fi Network is the sole responsibility of the Parent, Legal Guardian or Caretaker.


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