Early Childhood Paraprofessional Technology Collection

Early Childhood Technollogy Collection

Early Childhood Paraprofessional Technology Collection:

A special library collection of books, videos, toys and other educational materials has been created to support the Early Childhood Paraprofessional Technology (ECDT) program. This collection includes: books, videos and educational material to be used by children in the SEARK College Early Childhood Center purchased for the program by the 2004-2005 Carl Perkins Grant; puppets and other storytelling material and picture books, purchased with grant funds or through the SEARK College Library's equipment budget and transferred from the Library's collection. Research and training material for students in the ECDT program, purchased by the 2004-2005 Carl Perkins Grant, has been incorporated in the SEARK College Library collection. The SEARK College Early Childhood Center has been designated as a branch of the SEARK College Library. ALL ECDT branch library material has been cataloged and is included in the College Library's public access catalog http://library.seark.edu:8080. For additional information, contact the SEARK College library at 870-543-5936 or 870-850-4815 or at library@seark.edu or the Coordinator/Instructor Early Childhood Paraprofessional Technology at 870-543-5989, lshaw@seark.edu or 870-850-8591, dwessell@seark.edu.

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