Internet and applications computers


The Library has 22 computers available for public use:

Each computer has full internet access, Microsoft 2013 programs, 'Electronic Databases', the Library Catalog. Each computer prints to a networked printer located in the printing area to the left of the circulation desk. Each currently enrolled student is entitled to a number of free prints based on the number of his/her credit hours. Twenty (20) prints are available per credit hour. Students may purchase additional prints at $.10 per print from the Business Office. The student username consists of her/his 1st initial, full last name, last 3 digits of the SEARK ID number (jdoe281). The password is the student's 7 or 8 digit birthday (Jan 02, 1982 would be 1021982). Use of all library and College computers is governed by the College's Technology Use and Copyright Policies. Both policies are posted in the Library, included in this "Library Information" posted on the College's web site at, and printed in the College's Catalog and Handbook. Individuals using the library's computers are responsible for knowing and abiding by the policies. Children are not allowed to use Library computers unless under the direct supervision of a responsible adult. Any problems with the computers should be reported to a library staff member.

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