Reference Material and Reference Service in the SEARK College Library

Reference Material & Service

Reference Material and Reference Service in the SEARK College Library

Reference Material:

Library reference material includes print and electronic resources containing specific information or general facts such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, and almanacs.

A reference book or site can:

  • cover a broad range of information, such as The Encyclopedia Britannica which is available in both print and electronic versions. 
  • be restricted to a specific field of knowledge like A Modern Dictionary of Geography or the Pocket Book of Electrical Engineering Formulas.
  • be limited to a narrow aspect of a given topic, such as the Chronology of the Medieval World, 800 to 1491 or The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes.

Many reference sources are updated and/or revised on a regular basis with new editions issued as frequently as every year. Others are revised less frequently. Electronic reference sources, both subscription and those on the free Internet, can be updated as often as once a day.

In the SEARK College Library non-electronic reference materials are grouped together into the Reference Collection on the low shelves across from the current periodical shelves.

Our electronic reference subscription databases are accessible on all library computers through the Internet. Links to the databases can be located by clicking on the Explorer or Firefox browser links on the desktop. The database links are arranged alphabetically. Off campus, or remote access, is available for most of the databases through the "Database" tab in the Catalog.

Reference Service:

The library reference service provides help to the library users either by locating the needed information or helping her/him to find the desired or needed information.

Reference service may be provided:

  • face-to-face in the Library by any member of the Library's staff.
  • by telephone calling either 870-543-5936 or 870-850-4815.
  • via e-mail using the "e-mail the librarian" link in various places within the catalog or sending mail to
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