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Teen Summer Reading

The Teen Summer reading game is for anyone in grades 7 through 12. By doing the things that you love to do anyway (like reading books, magazines, comics, and attending fun events) you earn points toward the summer reading goal of 1500. For earning points you win prizes,a chance to win our Grand Prize, and if you reach the goal - a ticket to come to our lock-in!

How do I play?

Start by getting registered. You can do it two different ways.

1. You can pre-register online by filling out this form..
2. You can come to our Summer Reading Kick-Off Party on June 17th from 3:00pm – 7:00pm at the library.
We will tell you all about our cool events, get you signed up, and give you a book log. If you can’t make the Kick-Off on June 17th, you can come anytime after that.

Then all you have to do is Start Reading! Keep track of the books that you read (and how many pages) on the book log. Be sure to turn in your book log by August 3rd to receive all of your prizes and earn your ticket to the lock-in. If you have any questions, call the teen librarians Alicia or Paula at 983-7167.

How do I earn points?

  • Read a Book = 1 point per page
  • Attend an Event = 25 points each event
  • Write a Book Review = 10 points (We’ll provide the form, you just fill it out)
  • Read a magazine = 50 points each
  • Read a graphic novel = 50 points each
  • listen to an audiobook / read an e-book = equivalent to the print version
  • volunteer at the library = 25 points

How do I get the prizes I've earned?

Once you have your book log, and you have read a book or magazines, or come to one of our events, you just have to stop into the library and show a staff member the list of books you have read. The library staff member will check the number of points and give you the corresponding prizes. You earn prizes every 500 points. When you've earned 1500 points, you'll get your entry for the Grand Prize and ticket to the Lock-in.

What Events are you having?

Just think! You earn points on your book log just for coming to these fun events! And they're FREE! And you can bring your friends, even if they aren’t doing the reading program.

June 17:
Kick-Off Party
3:00 – 7:00 pm
At the party we will tell you how the program works, and what you need to do to earn prizes. You can pick up your book log if you pre-registered. There will also be yummy treats, games (Wii!! And Playstation 3), and door prizes! The program is open to any teen entering grades 7 through 12.
This program is generously sponsored by Chemical Bank
June 26:
Photo Scavenger Hunt
1:00 pm
Teams will head to downtown St. Joseph to see just how many of the wacky photographs they can collect before time runs out. The team with the most points wins!
This program is generously supported by Chemical Bank and the Petzke Family
July 10:
Murder Mystery Night
6:00 pm – 9:00pm
Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes in our very own mystery. Who did it? Can you figure it out?
This program is generously supported by an anonymous donor and Gerbel & Co..
July 17:
T.A.B. Orientation
3:30 pm
Be a part of our Teen Advisory Board. Learn the ropes here.
This program is generously supported by an anonymous donor and Gerbel & Co..
July 23:
Book Upcycling
Are you feeling creative and crafty? Come and prove it! We'll take old books and turn them into something beautiful
This program is generously supported by Doubleday Office Products
August 3rd:
6:30 pm - 11:30pm
A whole night of fun for those who finish the program. We’ll have games and activities, along with other fun things to do and food to eat. .
This program is generously supported by The Friends of the Library

Questions??? Call us at (269) 983-7167 ext. 10


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