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Test Proctoring Policy & Procedures

Test Proctoring Policy & Procedures

For SEARK College Faculty/students:

ALL on-line students will need to call (870-543-5936), e-mail library@seark.edu or visit the College’s Library & Center for E-Learning to schedule their appointment for their proctored exams.

Students MUST PRESENT A CURRENT STUDENT ID in order to take their exams.

The SEARK College Library staff will administer tests for SEARK faculty on request. This service is designed for make-up tests for a limited number of students in any one class. Arrangements for proctoring an entire class must be made, in advance, with the Library Director, at 850-4815 or at library@seark.edu

.For other institutions:

The SEARK College Library and its staff will administer test to students enrolled in courses at other institutions if arranged in advance. The student wishing to have an exam proctored at SEARK College is responsible for obtaing permission from SEARK College and providing his/her home institution a copy of this procedure and blank proctoring form(s).   



A "proctoring form" must be prepared for every proctored test. The SEARK College course instructor, or the appropriate individual at an other institution, must complete section "a" of the form and submit it with the exam and required scoring tool to a full time library staff person. Other institutions sending exams to be proctored should include any instructions particular to their own proctoring policy and instructions on how and where the exam should be returned. If the other institution has not prepared a SEARK College "proctoring sheet," library staff will attach one.  

Proctoring sheets are available from the library and can be faxed or sent by e-mail. Requests should be directed to 870-850-4815 or library@seark.edu. On campus instructors can find the form in the public folder under SEARK forms.  

Student workers and/or Library staff members enrolled in the course for which an exam is proctored will not accept proctoring requests nor proctor exams.  

All test proctoring files and materials are kept in a non-public area.  

Exams will be proctored under the conditions indicated by the instructor on the "proctoring sheet." Students will be required to show a photo ID and to sign the "proctoring form". Library staff will fill in the student's name, type of ID shown, date and beginning and ending times in section "b" of the "proctoring form." The completed test and "proctoring form" will be held in the Library until picked up by the instructor when section "c" of the "proctoring sheet" will be completed. Tests proctored for other institutions will be returned as provided in the instructions received with the exam.

Completed "proctoring sheets" will remain on file until the end of the calender month, when they will be counted for the Monthly Statistical report. Completed "proctoring sheets" will be kept for one year after the semester in which the exam was adninistered and then destroyed.

Non-administered tests will be returned to the instructor before the end of the semester, unless other instructions are given.

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