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Library Cards

Getting a Library Card:
Library cards are issued free to anyone residing within Kleberg County. Proof of current address is required at the time of registration. Children ages 5 through 17 may be issued a library card when the application is also signed by a parent, legal guardian or caretaker.

POLICY: In order for a person to use the Robert J. Kleberg Public Library, patron must register at the Circulation Desk. A WHITE APPLICATION CARD will be used for ADULT BORROWERS and a GREEN APPLICATION CARD will be used for JUVENILE BORROWERS. Each card must be filled out properly and completely. Children ages 5 through 17 must have the signature of a parent or guardian when applying. REFERENCES MUST BE CONTACTED AND VERIFICATION OF RESIDENCY MUST BE MADE. A Kleberg County reference with a different address and telephone number must be provided on the application card. Upon completion and verification of information on application card, borrower's data is entered into the library's computerized files. By accepting and using a Robert J. Kleberg Public Library card the registered cardholder agrees to abide by the library's lending rules, policies and regulations, including all amendments thereafter. The cardholder also agrees to pay promptly all fines charged against his/her account and for all damaged or loss of library books, materials and/or equipment to the satisfaction of the Library Director, and to give immediate notice of any change of borrower information, or a lost or stolen card. The fee for a replacement card is $3.00.  The Library Director or designee must approve any exceptions.

- Valid Texas Driver's License
- Social Security/Serial Number
- Other valid forms of identification as approved by the Library Director

Patrons who live outside Kleberg County are charged an annual fee of $8.00 per person.  Non-Resident Family Cards are available for $30.00 annually for a qualifying family of four (4),  and cards are issued individually to each family member. Families with five (5) or more members are charged the base fee of $30.00 for first four cards, $5.00 per additional card thereafter.


Robert J. Kleberg Public Library

220 North 4th Street
Kingsville, TX 78363-4410
Phone: (361) 592-6381
Fax: (361) 592-7461


TUESDAY - FRIDAY: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
SATURDAY: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
SUNDAY: Closed
MONDAY: Closed